LarkSticker Review & GIVEAWAY

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Laura Marie

Happy National Soft Ice Cream Day!

Today I shall be reviewing and giving away a couple of items from the lovely shop LarkSticker. 🙂 The shop owner was so sweet and easy to work with, so a huge thanks to her! Let’s get on with the review!

The first item she included was this absolutely gorgeous handmade ephemera kit. I mean, just look at it! *squeals*

There is so much in this, and it’s all beautiful down to the smallest detail!

She also included these two packs of stickers, which are just so cool! They have a super neat vintage look and would be great for card making, pen pal-ing, etc.

Last but definitely not least are these adorable bee planner stickers! Aren’t these just the cutest stickers ever? If you enjoyed looking at these items, be sure to go follow LarkStickers on Instagram. 🙂


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