Holiday Themed Giveaway | Celebrating 4 Years of SP & Small Business Saturday

Check out this awesome giveaway!

the striped plaid

Hey hey you guys! I’ve got something I’m super excited about to share with you guys today!! In honor of SP turning 4 earlier this month AND Christmas AND Small Business Saturday being today, I thought I’d host a cozy holiday themed giveaway featuring a few of my favorite items from the shop this season!

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Tell Me What You Think

Okay first of all I wanted to say I haven’t been on a lot because I have been busy. Here are the things I am busy with.

1.Gymnastics because I have been working at my back handspring. I finally have it!😁

2.School because I am getting older and that means more homework. Am I right?

and 3.Reading, I’m a bookworm.Is anyone else?📚📔

Now should I get a Pawz hoodie?

Pawz Kidz Ice Cream Lavender Hoodie

Also check out Chaudeande site. You can get all sorts of stickers, notebooks, etc. That is really all I wanted to talk about.


P.S. If I get a lot of likes on this post and more followers I will have a giveaway. You can repost this and share this post to help.

LarkSticker Review & GIVEAWAY

Check out this awesome giveaway!

Laura Marie

Happy National Soft Ice Cream Day!

Today I shall be reviewing and giving away a couple of items from the lovely shop LarkSticker. 🙂 The shop owner was so sweet and easy to work with, so a huge thanks to her! Let’s get on with the review!

The first item she included was this absolutely gorgeous handmade ephemera kit. I mean, just look at it! *squeals*

There is so much in this, and it’s all beautiful down to the smallest detail!

She also included these two packs of stickers, which are just so cool! They have a super neat vintage look and would be great for card making, pen pal-ing, etc.

Last but definitely not least are these adorable bee planner stickers! Aren’t these just the cutest stickers ever? If you enjoyed looking at these items, be sure to go follow LarkStickers on Instagram. 🙂


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Scrunchie Hairstyle Tutorial + Giveaway ft. TwoFifty Scrunchies! — Diary of a Daydreamer

‘ello Daydreamers! (Haha, sorry, at camp we talked in a British accent 90% of the time and now I’m pretty much stuck that way. 😂) Anyways, I’m BACK with a super-special post for you guys! Today, I’m going to be showing you a *super cute* scrunchie hairstyle, featuring scrunchies from my friend Natalie’s brand new […]

Scrunchie Hairstyle Tutorial + Giveaway ft. TwoFifty Scrunchies! — Diary of a Daydreamer

Book Reviews

Today is June 22 and I have a book review.

This week I have been doing lots of reading. I loved reading the book The Year of the Dog, it’s a book about a girl who moves from Taiwan to America. It’s a really good book. You should read sometime if you haven’t read it. I like that book and I think you would like it to. I would it a review of 5 stars out of 5. I have figured out what I want to blog about. I found 2 things to blog about today. She has a lot of stuff that happens like a science fair and a book contest. So I love that book because I love writing but not describing why I would do this or that. And it in the book they can write about anything. So I would love to that. I like this book a lot and if it could be my life, but I would not like to leave my parents.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It is now July 12th and I have finished a lot of books but I wanted to talk about more of the book. I love it because its a girl who moves from China to America, who wouldn’t like that. It is a great book about a young girl named Pacy. She…


Today I have learned to weave. I am only on like my fifth row. But I am doing well at it. The colors I have are red-ish orange-ish, light purple, purple, and blue-violet. I think they are blend really well. It is so fun!😄 I love doing it. I also did my first craft with clay yesterday. I made the Aladdin lamp with the help of my sister Chloe(She has a blog click here) to check it out. The crafts are from the library program.

I am writing a story right now. It’s called The Secret. It is about a girl who has a birthday party and she finds a small door. Inside there are a bunch of cupcakes in there because… that is all I will tell you for now. Maybe I can write posts of the chapters. Because I think it is really good.

I don’t like writing haikus and poems. I think writing them is weird. My sister loves writing haikus though. I like writing some novel stuff. I don’t know why, but I just do.When it comes to reading, I prefer biographies.I especially like Who Was books. I like them because I like learning and reading .So I get to do both. I like the Paul Revere Who Was book. I like it because… well it’s just good. That is all for now.


Things to Do at Home

While at home I bet you are bored. I know you guys( and girls 🙂 ) might be feeling this way because I myself have been feeling this way recently, as well. So I decided to think of some things you can do at home . Here is what I’ve come up with.

  1. Read
  2. Do a craft
  3. Play board games
  4. Do a puzzle
  5. Color
  6. Watch Netflix
  7. Bake
  8. Exercise
  9. Clean
  10. Paint
  11. Make a piñata
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Swim
  14. Have a karaoke night
  15. Do a water balloon fight
  16. Make a time capsule
  17. Brush up on your math skills
  18. Practice Hula hooping
  19. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube
  20. Shop online
  21. Learn to write with your non domainant hand
  22. Start a garden
  23. Have a campfire
  24. Learn to play an instrument
  25. Make ice cream
  26. Do a side walk chalk obstacle course
  27. Make a fort
  28. Play charades
  29. Make slime
  30. Teach your pet tricks
  31. Learn to sew and knit
  32. Learn a magic trick
  33. Take a nap
  34. Decorate a cake
  35. Do pancake art
  36. Learn to braid
  37. Learn a language(I recommend Duolingo)
  38. Scrapbooking
  39. Develop chess skills
  40. Learn coding
  41. Meditate
  42. Listen to music
  43. Call an old friend
  44. Take a bath
  45. Make a vision board
  46. Stretch
  47. Go fishing
  48. Write a poem
  49. Reorganize
  50. Dance
  51. Go through the photos on your phone
  52. Learn the alphabet backwards
  53. Do a photo shoot
  54. Write a letter
  55. Watch Tik Tok
  56. Do a face mask
  57. Ride a bike
  58. Hike
  59. Start a podcast
  60. Make homemade pizza or pasta
  61. Do an online course
  62. Do pottery
  63. Paint your nails
  64. FaceTime family
  65. Learn a new joke
  66. Subscribe for a new magazine
  67. Write a blog post
  68. Sing
  69. Watch funny pet videos
  70. Create a bucket
  71. Watch “The Office” (It’s on Netflix)
  72. Do an online BuzzFeed Quiz
  73. Learn ventriloquism
  74. Make a bath bomb
  75. Camp

I hope this will cure your boredom at home. 🙂 -Ellie